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M y     P h o t o     J o u r n e y 

My journey began in 1973, processing black and white film.  Unwinding a still-wet roll of film, fixer running down my forearm, dripping off my elbow.  Marveling at the images.  It was alchemy of the highest order; magic to a 12-year-old.  The die was cast and I've never looked back.


To avoid boring you with un-necessary details, I've worked as a professional photographer, trade-show photographer, newspaper photojournalist, camera salesman and darkroom technician.

I would like to think my work has been influenced by Minor White, Jerry Burchard, Edward Weston and Art Kane.  I challenge myself to produce work that is uncommon in the current ocean of digital art.

When I need inspiration, I open my favorite photography books; "Darkroom" and "Darkroom 2" by Lustrum Press, "Minor White: A Living Remembrance" by Aperture and "Fred Picker's Collected Works. If those fail, I channel Dennis Hopper's character "Photojournalist" from "Apocalypse Now".


A big thanks to my friend Scott Emery for my Dennis Hopper photo!

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I m a g e     G a l l e r i e s 

Smiling Faces

Silver Salts
Some work on film

Basilicae Maioris
Rome, Italy

A Private Collection

Homage To Rothko

Ode to Thomas Hardy

Smiling Faces
Chicago Pride parade

Editorial Work
From my years as a photojournalist

Portrait work

Accidental memories
A glimpse of my family life c. 1975

Fetes De La Nuit
Night reveals what the day conceals.

Nudes In Light

Nudes In Motion
The kenitic human form

Postcards From My Travels

Perhaps a slow descent


M y     C o n c e r n 

(on animal rights)
"The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?"
-- Jeremy Bentham

"It is man's concern for all living creatures that truly makes him human."
-- Albert Schweitzer


O u r     A d v e n t u r e s 

  Christmas Cruise!

  Canada & New England Cruise!

  Christmas Cruise

  Christmas Cruise

  Canada & New England

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  Our Adventure to Cuba

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  Last sailing of Monarch of the Seas

  Christmas Cruise!

  Our first Italian Adventure



R e c o m m e n d e d     V i d e o s 

Ansel Adams
Master of Black and White

David Bailey
In The Studio With David Bailey

Jerry Burchard
Night photographer Jerry Burchard

Lewis Carroll
Sincerely Yours: A Film About Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll
The Secret World Of Lewis Carroll

Bill Cunningham
Fashion Photographer, New York

Sally Mann
The Life and Work of Sally Mann

Fred Picker
Zone VI Workshop

Alan Ross
Photographing Adams & Cunningham

Edward Weston
The Photographer

Edward Weston
The Day Books of Edward Weston

Minor White
The Photography of Minor White


R e c o m m e n d e d     R e a d i n g 

  Jain Kelly ed.
  Darkroom 2.
  Lustrum Press

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